What Makes Students Successful:

In addition to their own creativity, motivation, and curiosity, I provide the following conditions to foster success:

  • informal assessment to identify student’s learning strengths and weaknesses
  • direct 1:1 instruction at least two times per week using research based instruction.
  • customized pace of instruction to help students progress as quickly as they can, but as slowly as they need.
  • partnerships with parents to discuss areas that need improvement, how they can support their child’s learning at home and how to maximize other areas of strength in their children.

I am passionate about helping children, teenagers and adults to succeed at and enjoy life-long learning. By being sensitive to the unique needs of struggling readers, I am adept at building confidence and self-esteem through the instructional process. Each student gains the information and ability to experience success.

What Happens in a Session:

  • Each session usually lasts about 55 minutes and occurs at least twice per week. Research shows that this frequency is needed to help close the gap in academic achievement and to fully incorporate what they are learning during tutoring.
  • Students progress through an established sequence of reading, writing, and spelling concepts, moving from the most simple to the more complex.
  • All work is taught in a multi-sensory fashion. Simply stated, a student interacts with information auditorily, visually, tactically, and then visualizes material and recreates it through their own words and/or drawings. This increases the ability to engage more areas of the brain, allows learning to occur more easily, and fosters accurate and quicker recall of information.
  • I use learning games to encourage a relaxed, fun learning environment.
  • Each client is informally tested periodically during the instructional process to ensure mastery of the concepts and materials learned. Ample opportunity for practice is provided for each student so that mastery is achieved for each concept.
  • In 1:1 instruction, I focus on the innate talents of students. Each individual is unique, with clearly identifiable gifted areas. I draw on those strengths to increase the student’s confidence and self-esteem. The goal is to make sure that the strengths, not the weaknesses, are what define each student.

Rate: $45 per 55 minute session

When I say to a parent, "read to a child", I don't want it to sound like medicine.

I want it to sound like chocolate.

— Mem Fox , children's book author